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Venum Sport 05 Boxing Gloves - Blue/Yellow

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Venum Sport 05 Boxing Gloves - Blue/Yellow

79,99 €

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Fight in full color, no holds barred! Venum Sport 05 is a performance collection for athletes who are in it for the win.

The Venum Sport 05 Boxing Gloves are made with triple-density foam for excellent impact absorption. The gloves’ ergonomic design, adjustable wrist strap and elongated cuffs deliver additional comfort and support. Meanwhile, reinforced seams maximize the lifespan of these premium PU gloves.

Suitable for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, with regular use (3-4 times per week).

  • 100% premium PU,
  • Regular use: 3 to 4 times a week,
  • Triple density foam for optimal shock absorption,
  • Reinforced palm for improved comfort,
  • Thumb attached for added protection against injury,
  • Reinforced seams for increased durability,
  • Large self-gripping closure system for good support.