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Venum Pro Boxing Mini Round Punch Shield - Khaki/Gold

Regular price 115,00 €
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Venum Pro Boxing Mini Round Punch Shield - Khaki/Gold

115,00 €

The Venum Pro Boxing round shield is ideal for strength training. Its small size makes it more maneuverable for the coach.

Thanks to the integrated cotton cushion inside, which retains air, the shield has a great capacity for shock absorption. The circle at its center allows you to work on precision.

Composed of microfiber, the round shield is lightweight and durable. Extra thick leather handles attribute better hand stability and greater durability of the product.

  • Professional shield,
  • Microfiber composition for more lightness,
  • Multi-layer construction,
  • High shock wave absorption capacity thanks to the cotton cushion,
  • High protection,
  • 100% leather on the outside,
  • Dimensions: 25 * 10CM.
  • SKU : VENUM-04379-230