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Venum Pro Boxing Body Protector - Khaki/Gold

Regular price 370,00 €
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Venum Pro Boxing Body Protector - Khaki/Gold

370,00 €

The Venum Pro Boxing body protector utilizes an extremely light microfiber in its design and can be used to work on the strength and precision of a fighter thanks to the padded side panels.

With a large hook-and-loop closure, with an additional layer of foam for back support and increased comfort, the body protector is ideal for intensive training. The fastening system is fully adjustable, allowing the shield to adapt to a large number of body types and sizes.

A 5 layer foam construction designed to absorb and limit direct impact provides optimal protection. The ergonomic design has a special cut-out for increased arm mobility and comfort, while the use of microfiber throughout ensures the protection is durable and light.

Professional body protector,Microfiber composition for lightness,Multi-layer construction,High protection,Large hook-and-loop closure for better support,100% leather on the outside.
  • SKU : VENUM-04375-230