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Venum Impact MMA Gloves - Skintex Leather - White

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Venum Impact MMA Gloves - Skintex Leather - White

37,50 €

74,99 €

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The MMA Venum Impact Gloves are hand-Made in Thailand. As a MMA gear reference, Venum could not go wrong on this product.

The main aim of the infamous Snake logo brand is to offer comfort and ergonomics as well as a long-lasting lifetime to the Impact Gloves. With no flourish and no gimmicks, Venum signs a top notch product. The Snake’s high quality policy puts these gloves on the highest step of the podium, without any contest.

According to us, the Impact and the Undisputed gloves (also by Venum), are the best references in the game. You say you’re a fighter? Well, these are a must have !!!

  • High Quality Skintex leather
  • High density thread for needle works
  • Layered Foam for better protection and shock absorption
  • Top notch comfort feel- High wrist maintaining thanks to an adjustable strap
  • Exclusive Velcro strap system for hand pre-positioning- Skintex leather embossed tags
  • Classy design
  • Perfect finish (Thailand’s skill again ! )
  • SKU : EU-VENUM-0124