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Venum Hurricane double tie balloon - Black/White

Regular price 84,90 €
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Venum Hurricane double tie balloon - Black/White

84,90 €

Do you demand the best for your training? The Venum Hurricane double ended bag has been designed to ensure high speed of movement.

The Venum Hurricane double ended bag will allow you to develop your reflexes, your movement and your timing and allows you to choose between working in a low or high area in order to simulate body / head work.

As its name suggests, the bag has two attachments, one fixed into the ground and one fixed above. These attachments create tension on the bag, and compared to a classic speed bag this tension can offer a greater range of motion. The double ended bag lets you work with dynamic movements in attack and defense, to the body or the head.

Designed around ultra-resistant bladders, available in two different sizes.

Made of high-end PU, it offers excellent durability, thanks to its reinforced seams and its robust lacing. This product has been used intensively for several years in Venum Training Camps

  • Premium quality PU
  • Double ended attachments for optimal movement
  • Body and head work
  • Reinforced seams for increased durability.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Circumference = 56 cm / length = 76 cm
  • Diameter: upper-part 20CM / bottom-part 18CM
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