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Venum Hurricane Big Ball punching bag - Yellow/Black

Regular price 269,90 €
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Venum Hurricane Big Ball punching bag - Yellow/Black

269,90 €

Developed in collaboration with world class boxers such as Vasiliy Lomachenko, the Venum Hurricane BigBall Punching Bag has been designed to allow you to work both speed and power.

With its rounded shape, it is an ideal bag for working on the basics of boxing: Straights, hooks, and above all uppercuts. All which can be perfected thanks to the Venum Hurricane BigBall punch bag.

Filled entirely with scrap-cotton, the filling is uniformly dispersed throughout the length of the bag, which facilitates a comfortable yet ultra-durable inside. The malleable yet firm inside provides a smaller return of shock waves during the impacts of strikes.

With a high quality PU coating favors its durability, an essential tool for any boxing gym.

The high-end suspension straps emit no noise for less audible distraction.

  • Professional Quality
  • Delivered Filled: 100% cotton
  • Premium PU (polyurethane)
  • Punch Bag Size: 65cm / 105cm with straps
  • Diameter: 52cm
  • Weight:25kg
  • 40cm nylon straps
  • Squeak-less fixture
  • SKU : VENUM-04054-116