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Venum Hammer Pro Boxing Gloves Loma Edition- Velcro - Blue/Yellow

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Venum Hammer Pro Boxing Gloves Loma Edition- Velcro - Blue/Yellow

299,99 €

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The Loma Edition Hammer is probably the epitome of the Proboxing range, a glove design on which we spent the most time.

This glove was developed in direct collaboration with Vasyl Lomachenko. His expertise and skill sometimes considered as boxing perfection!

Every detail of the glove has been reimagined and redesigned.

The grip, the protection of the knuckles, the adjustment and the fastening of the wrist, everything has been reviewed by Loma himself.

This glove is a combination of powerful impact while providing optimal protection.

Loma does not accept any compromise when it comes to his hands.

As with all other products in the Venum Pro-boxing range, the overall finish is of the highest quality.

The leather is harder than other models, which provides an even bigger slap.

The "Picasso" of boxing must have exceptional "brushes", and we are proud to have provided them!

    • Professional boxing gloves
    • Multi-layer construction
    • High protection
    • Heavy impact
    • Hard, Argentinian leather
    • High-end finish
    • Developed with Vasyl Lomachenko
    • Made by hand
    • Velcro closure version
    • Limited edition