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Venum Coco Monogram Pro Lace Up Boxing Gloves - Garnet Red

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Venum Coco Monogram Pro Lace Up Boxing Gloves - Garnet Red

450,00 €

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The Venum Pro Coco boxing gloves are a 'unicorn' in our catalog, and even more widely so in the world of boxing.Using coconut fiber in the glove provides two unique benefits: - Rigidity, coconut fiber provides an exceptional striking impact, at least equivalent to horsehair gloves. - Absorption, protects the hand much more significantly than horsehair.The Venum Coco Glove offers raw impact and protection without compromise.Beyond the internal construction of the impact zone, the glove's ergonomic design was developed to provide the highest caliber boxers with an exceptional grip. The hand closes naturally and the Coco glove allows for intense striking with minimal tension felt across the hand.Handmade in Thailand by a hand-selected team, these gloves have been tested for several years and validated and approved by high-level athletes such as Vasyl Lomachenko, Terri Harper, and Alexandr Besputin.With the Coco gloves, we are proud to sign a real-world first in the world of boxing!
  • Argentinian Nappa leather,
  • Coconut cushioning provides impact potency and protection,
  • A thin layer of high-density foam to optimally retail the shape of the glove and reinforce impact,
  • Thick 10mm layer of high absorption capacity foam to reinforce protection,
  • A layer of low-density foam to distribute shockwaves,
  • Limited production capacity (only a few hundred pieces per year),
  • Lace closure,
  • Only gloves in the world with coconut fiber.