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Venum Angry Birds Mouthguards - For Kids - Red

Regular price 3,89 €
Regular price 12,98 € Sale price 3,89 €

Venum Angry Birds Mouthguards - For Kids - Red

3,89 €

12,98 €

Venum has teamed up with Angry Birds to create this incredible collection! Using the distinctive colors of the popular game, this collaboration was designed to be a springboard into the world of boxing, all while having lots of fun!

Boxing teaches resilience and gives kids self-confidence, and with Venum x Angry Birds equipment, your kids can let off steam in a healthy way and enjoyable way!

  • Composition: layer of gel and high density rubber,
  • Ideal level of protection for a child,
  • Suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old,
  • Contains a storage box for increased hygiene,
  • Compliant with CE standards,
  • Latex Free
  • SKU : VENUM-04635-003