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Boxing Gloves Elite Evo Venum - Black/Black

Regular price 109,99 €
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Boxing Gloves Elite Evo Venum - Black/Black

109,99 €

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These gloves have been engineered with an ergonomic design, in order to provide optimized protection for the wrist and hand. The hand is secured in a natural position, to considerably reduce the risk of injury.Four layers of foam with different densities complete provide high level absorption with every impact.The high-end microfiber, imported from Japan, used to cover the glove gives the Elite Evo range exceptional durability, identical or even superior to that of a leather glove.Fully assembled and constructed in Thailand by hand, the final product is unrivalled at this price point.
  • Japanese imported microfiber outer for long life,
  • Four layers of naturally occurring foam,
  • Perforated palm: better breathability,
  • Anatomical shape & Grip: optimized fist placement,
  • Optimized protection of the metacarpals,
  • Reinforced seams for improved durability,
  • Wide Velcro closure for support and optimal fastening,
  • Long cuff for wrist protection and stability,
  • Fully assembled and hand-sewn in Thailand
  •  Clean your gloves with No Stink deodorant, the ideal solution to get rid of unwanted odors.