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Venum T-Shape Punch Bag - Yellow/Black

Regular price 539,90 €
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Venum T-Shape Punch Bag - Yellow/Black

539,90 €

The Venum T-Shape punch bag is an innovative product, boasting a unique “T” shape, or inverted bottle. The punching bag is an original shape with little presence in boxing gyms.

The difference in diameter between the upper and lower sections allows you to clearly split your strikes, ideal for a variation of different striking sequences. The separation of the two sections has been designed specifically for vertically oriented strikes, such as "uppercuts", "high-kicks", "flying knees” and “elbows".

The central curvature is used to optimize striking transitions, tool to help you sculpt your style by alternating “head-body" work. The T-Shape bag encourages you to vary impact zones, similar to a combat situation against an opponent.

Its high-quality PU coating (intensively tested for 18 months worldwide at Venum Training Camps) guarantees durability, while avoiding micro-tears or friction on outside skin of the bags. Filled entirely with scrap-cotton, the filling is uniformly dispersed throughout the length of the bag, which facilitates a comfortable yet ultra-durable inside. The malleable yet firm inside provides a smaller return of shock waves during the impacts of strikes.

The high-end suspension straps emit no noise for less audible distraction.

  • Professional quality
  • Delivered Filled: 100% cotton
  • Premium PU (polyurethane)
  • Punch bag height: 150 cm / 200 cm with straps
  • Diameter on the upper part: 55 cm
  • Diameter on the lower part: 36 cmWeight: 65 kg
  • Squeak-less fixture
  • SKU : VENUM-04053-116