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Venum Hurricane Punching Bag - Filled - 150 cm

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Venum Hurricane Punching Bag - Filled - 150 cm


Enter into the revolutionary Venum Neo-Fluo™ dimension with the Venum "Hurricane" punching bag.

Built in Thailand, with a high quality Skintex leather, it is especially designed to enhance your level training. Exploit your energy and unleash your fighting spirit as a savage storm.

Approved by Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida - master in the art of powerful strikes - the Venum "Hurricane" punching bag is made for to take hard knocks.

  • Material: Premium Skintex leather.
  • Inner foam absorbing system to train your strike velocity.
  • Hard resistant nylon straps for quiet training sessions unlike the stainless staples.
  • Neo-Fluo™ edition for a groundbreaking style.
  • Handmade in Thailand.